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Please refer to the software manufacturer for detailed information regarding capabilities for your camera. Up to 4 active USB extensions and 1 passive 15 (4.6m) USB can be daisy chained together for a total of 80 feet (24m) before any drop-off in signal or quality is detected. It allows for a straight connection with no adapters or dongles. On the camera side, USB-C is also fully reversible, so no matter how you plug it in, its always right side. Be sure to consult your equipment manufacturers specifications to ensure correct cable type and proper connections.

Compatible with: Windows, ability to modify camera settings: Visit Software dirección de bitcoin a hash160 tether werkzeuge tetherpro Site. Starting life as a Nikon-only product, it has grown to include Canon and most other Digital SLR cameras. Images are securely handled at all times with a duplicate image system, but also backed-up to a separate location or device for added reassurance if desired. Note: Cable data transfer only. You can either hand-hold your camera and shoot normally, or use our built-in Remote Control to adjust the camera and take your shots. Via TetherPro: TetherPro was one of the first software applications dedicated to camera tethering.

For longer distances simply insert additional 16ft(5m) active extension increments into the chain to achieve the needed distance. Not intended for charging.

TetherPro USB.0 to Female Active Extension Tether Tools

The TetherPro USB-C to USB-C cable is available in the following lengths to provide photographers with the right length for their need: 3 /.9m 6 /.8m 10 / 3m 15 /.6m, tether werkzeuge tetherpro tetherPro USB cables are constructed to the. Key Features: Streamlined connection from your USB-C computer to USB-C Camera.

USB-C is also fully reversible, so no matter how you plug it in, its always right side. Full Software details available at, tetherPro. TetherPro USB cables are constructed to the highest USB specifications and incorporate all of the latest tether werkzeuge tetherpro technology ensuring consistent and reliable conductivity, and the fastest and most reliable transfers. The choice of professional photographers and videographers everywhere, high-visibility orange TetherPro cables have become synonymous with tethered photography.

We know the importance of your photographs, and Image Security is paramount in TetherPro. Available in, high-Visibility Orange or Black.