Exofit hi plus ripple reebok

Frequently asked questions. Where do we ship to? Your personal data will be used by us only for communication with you for the purpose of delivering your order.

To make sure, you can check the information on the label on the tongue of your old shoes or measure your feet with a roulette. We guarantee that the photos and information match 100 what you will receive. If these conditions are met, immediately after we receive the product back from you, we will replace it with the originally chosen brand or will refund its full price, which you have paid before that. If you decide to return the shipment after a test and review, or within the 30-day return period, the costs shall be at the expense of. Our consultants are ready to assist you and to make sure that you have picked the right size. WE will answer ALL your questions! How much is the cost of delivery? You have the right to return or replace the product within 30 days of ordering it, but only in the same condition in which you have received it from.

For instance, Adidas size 43 1/3 has an insole, which is 27,5cm in length, while Puma size 43 has an insole, which is 28 cm in length. If the product does not fit you or you do not like it, you can return it immediately to the courier. The product should not be worn outdoors, but tested only at home and the original packaging and labels shall not be removed.

Sometimes, the length of insoles for the same size differs for some brands. If you decide to send back the products, the return costs shall be at the expense. The delivery is shipped to an address specified by you (irrespective whether home or office address) or at an Econt office in the respective city/town. You can return the product immediately after the review and test upon receipt or within 30 days of the date of delivery. The prices above are indicative.

Men - Ex-O-Fit Reebok

The price of the order is paid to the courier in cash or by POS terminal upon receipt ( payment upon delivery), or in advance using your bank card through our web site. Are the products you offer original? All orders are dispatched with a "Review and Test" option, regardless of their price and number of items. All products offered on the website are available!

We use the services of Econt Express courier company, which ships deliveries to any part of Bulgaria. Their quality and origins are guaranteed and match the brands exofit hi plus ripple reebok and prices we offer. All products offered on m on-line store are original and imported from the European Union. Will product descriptions and photos on the website match what I really receive?

How and when do I pay? On both occasions, the product is returned free of charge for the customer and the costs osu Ripple-Server exofit hi plus ripple reebok shall be at the expense.

All photos and the entire information are carefully prepared and selected to make sure that the Customer gets as clear and accurate idea as possible about a given product. For maximum accuracy, we will send all orders with a "review and test" option free of charge. All deliveries take 1-2 business days, regardless which part of Bulgaria they are shipped. For your convenience, we have indicated the shoe size along with information about the length of insoles in centimeters.