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(TYO: 8473 a large financial conglomerate based out of Tokyo, Japan. Why the company is interested in going public. SBI Group already has plans to take R3, another blockchain solution company, to the public immediately after Ripple. A possible IPO may come with both advantages and disadvantages in the way Ripple handles its technology.

Ripple CEO Was Right, Crypto IPOs Are Indeed On The Rise. SEC ) against Ripple Labs Inc, the companys CEO. This milestone move will create a ripple effect on other digital assets, potentially driving a wave of IPOs. It could offer more confidence for banks to use Ripples services.

In the meantime, the, sEC lawsuit filed at the end of 2020 against Ripple Labs, Inc. Garlinghouses sentiment is shared by Yoshitaka Kitao, CEO of SBI Holdings Inc. Raised more than.3 billion in unregistered digital securities offerings. The blockchain and crypto companys CEO Brad Garlinghouse revealed during the recent Consensus 2021 event, that the company has been exploring the idea of an IPO since 2020.

Most blockchain solutions will begin to go public as no one wants to be left behind. The legal battle has attracted a lot of attention because it will pave the way for future regulatory rulings regarding cryptocurrencies. The company has been marketing Ripplenet as one of the best ways that banks can take advantage of the new opportunities provided by blockchain technology.

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Many blockchain startups are still trying to figure out a proper market fit for their products and services. That cryptocurrency trades under the XRP ticker and has been ripple xrp ipo performing well this year despite the legal battle. However, Kitaos analysis comes from previously stated statements from Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse. Then why does the company need to go public? As Yoshitaka Kitao has stated, this year will see many crypto/blockchain IPOs.

The ICO bubble of 2017 was a serious blow to the genuineness of the crypto industry. The likelihood that Ripple is a public company is very high at some point, stated Garlinghouse. In the next 12 months, youll see IPOs in the crypto/blockchain space. Awaiting the Landmark SEC Decision on Ripple XRP.

Lots of folks think that the coin will drastically lose its value. Ripple Labs IPO, at the Consensus 2021 conference organized by CoinDesk, Garlinghouse said that the likelihood that Ripple is a public company is very high at some point. Interestingly, Ripple has been locked in a heated legal battle with the SEC.