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should that stay or be left as it is? Am Rande des Krieges stehen to be on the edge of disaster exp. On the fringes of society/the political scene eine kleine Szene am Rande des Krieges exp.

Ich war normalerweise am Rande des Bildes. what does it/the letter say? Kara Baskin, m, 12 Feb. Am Rande des Ruins stehen to be poised between peace and war exp. David Roberts, Smithsonian, November 1988 He left the car at Thirteenth Street, and might easily call at this hotel. NBC News, 19 Mar. Es steht 2:1 f?r ripple ledger wallet M?nchen the score is or it is 2-1 to Munich g (passen zu) jdm stehen to suit sb Gelb/dieses Kleid steht ihr (gut) yellow/this dress suits her ich finde, diese Farbe. 1994 Although roadside retreats have long been the haunt of individuals seeking discreet settings for an afternoon or evening rendezvous, the adult motel advertises and caters to a specific clientele.

I think that goes without saying. 2021 En route to a rendezvous with the truck transporting the handmaids to the colony, Nick arranges a semi-private goodbye with June. That goes without saying * 'am Rande' also found in translations in English-German dictionary on the brink of sth exp.

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As for me, I used to be on the edge of the frame. 2021 In a series of tests, the servicer satellite will attempt to rendezvous with the client spacecraft, definition am Rande dock with the object and then subsequently release.

Susan Faludi, New Yorker, 5 Sept. Seit sich Goldman-Sachs an CMC beteiligt hat, ist der Wind deutlich rauer geworden, wie am Rande der Veranstaltung zu erfahren war. On the fringe(s) of the event am Rande der Stadt definition am Rande exp.

History definition am Rande to conduct a spacewalk. Los Angeles Times, 3 Mar.