Bitcoin Core Dumpwallet

Result json object "filename" : string, the filename with full absolute path. You will always see it as change1. It is the same meaning as the key with hdseed1 except it is not currently active.

This HD seed is used to produce the extended master private key found earlier. The script is then followed by a timestamp indicating the time that the script was added to the wallet. If you have imported any scripts such as multisig scripts or addresses which are not yours, then you will see those scripts in the script lines as well). After that, bitcoin Core Dumpwallet each line lists out an individual private key and some metadata about that private key. Dumpwallet "filename dumps all wallet keys in a human-readable format to a server-side file. Each private key will have one of the following metadata fields: label, hdseed, reserve, ethereum oluşumu bloğu inactivehdseed, or change.

Change: This key is no longer in the keypool and it's address is not a receiving address. Since a single private key can have bitcoin Core Dumpwallet multiple addresses, and each of those addresses a different label, this just gets one of this labels. Anything on that line following the # is a comment and will not be parsed by importwallet. All receiving addresses will have a label even if it does not have a label. The filename with path (absolute path recommended).

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You will always see this as inactivehdseed1. Argument #1 - filename, type: string, required.

The key has not bitcoin Core Dumpwallet been requested for use as a receiving address nor as a change address, it is in reserve in the keypool. The dumpwallet output contains comments.

This does not allow overwriting existing files. For HD wallets, this is followed by the extended master private key.

In cases where there is only one key marked as hdseed1, you can derive this private key by using the extended bitcoin Core Dumpwallet master private key at the top of the file and then deriving from it the key with this derivation path. Label: This is a label assigned to one of the addresses for this private key.