Offener Ethereum-Pool

Json, you can use Ubuntu upstart - check for sample config. Create separate configs for both, launch independently and make sure you have a single instance of each module running. "behindReverseProxy false, / Stratum mining endpoint "stratum "enabled true, / Bind stratum mining socket to this IP:port "listen 8008 "timeout "120s "maxConn 8192, / Try to get new job from geth in this interval "blockRefreshInterval "120ms "stateUpdateInterval "3s / Require this share.

The frontend is a single-page Ember. Credits Made by sammy007. Contributors Alex Leverington Donations ETH/ETC: Highly appreciated. Npm install -g ember-cli@2.9.1 npm install -g bower npm install bower install./. Current block template of the pool is always cached offener Ethereum-Pool in RAM dogecoin-reiche Liste indeed.

Alternative Ethereum Implementations This pool is tested to work with Ethcore's Parity. Pool will try to get work from first alive one and check in background for failed to back.

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You can disable that in code. Configure nginx to serve API on /api subdirectory. Don't run payouts and unlocker modules as part of mining node. Json-API for stats, proxies, building on Linux, dependencies:.9 geth or parity redis-server.8.0 nodejs 4 LTS nginx. Js to match your domain name.

In that case check everything and restart. Features, this pool is being further developed to provide an easy to use pool for offener Ethereum-Pool Ethereum miners. Mining and block unlocking works, but I am not sure about payouts and suggest to run official geth node for payments.

If it specified, make sure to periodically send some dust back required for payments. If poolFeeAddress is not specified all pool profit will remain on coinbase address. Failover geth instances: geth high availability built.