This can be accomplished in 2 different ways, either from the Debug Window Console or by editing the "nf" file. Dat" file, select Properties, Uncheck Read-only, click OK Start your Dogecoin wallet and enjoy being already synced up until the time the torrent was created! Continue browsing in r/dogecoin, the most amazing place on reddit! Exe" (without"s) Add I have an old backup of my Dogecoin Core wallet. U/AnItchyAnus found in the post here that the "Killer Performance Suite" software was throttling downloads, and that uninstalling it greatly improved the torrent download speed.

Old wallets are incapable of syncing to the current date as they lack the coded needed to process the new forks/sporks that have happened. While, bitcoin is the undisputed leader of the cryptocurrency world, a meme-based alternative called. Dat, how do I restore it? I use another wallet besides Dogecoin core, how do I do this? Once the wallet is fully synchronized with the blockchain, you can remove the bootstrap. Check it out to get the most up-to-date version. Dat file from one of the mirrors.

Then you can try again once you have the new wallet. If all goes well, then this should significantly speed up the initialization of your Dogecoin wallet and set you well on your way to the moon! However, you may wish to investigate to see if there are settings withing the software that can be changedto improve performance prior to just outright uninstalling it).

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The growing online presence and transaction volume have caused the Dogecoin dogecoin-Blockchain-Torrent blockchain to swell to over 2GB in size. Sort by, more posts from the dogecoin community.

Update (2014-09 A nightly bootstrap file is now being automatically generated on this website. If you are loading an existing wallet, then copy your wallet. 3,774,473 10, f2Pool 3,774,472 14, dogecoin-Blockchain-Torrent f2Pool 3,774,471 12, d5gVXk2r.

If you accidentally delete this file (even though these steps say NOT to dogecoin wallet id dogecoin-Blockchain-Torrent touch it) your coins will be gone forever Browse to your Dogecoin Data folder (See: " Where is my Dogecoin Core data folder? If your wallet is outdated, it won't be able to correctly/fully sync. I had to sync a dogecoin core wallet that hadn't been started in several years, it was painful.