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Elon Musk admitted that bitcoin and ethereum "seem high" in Twitter exchange with Peter Schiff. JOE sweats, biden strips off in odd press conference refers to Putin as President Trump. As a result, Musk's tweets take on an almost scriptural importance. Elon Musk sent Bitcoin's value into free fall after he posted a meme about Linkin Park with the hashtag #Bitcoin and a broken heart emoji. "Bitcoin is almost as bs as fiat money.

The SpaceX owner likened the meme, which references Linkin Park, to his relationship with Bitcoin. Musk tweets bullishly about a token, sending the price higher. "Him: So in the end it didn't even matter?" 2, elon Musk's tweets have caused cryptocurrency to free fallCredit: Reuters. Elon Musk's frequent tweets about cryptocurrencies often move the price significantly. In any event, it would be hard to build a case against Musk on the basis of his crypto tweets. Doge-USD ) another Musk favourite have similarities with "pump and dump" scams. On the face of it, many of Musk's recent tweets about bitcoin and dogecoin (.

Schiff's was"ng Musk's tweet that bitcoin was a "less dumb" version of cash. Watch: What is bitcoin? Read more: Dogecoin surges as Elon Musk says he's working with developers. Brutal deaths, grisly details in killing of son mom' - as his brushes with law revealed. Last week, bitcoin crashed over 10 after Musk tweeted that Tesla had abandoned plans to accept bitcoin as payment.

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Here the SEC does have authority as it could relate to Tesla's share price. In late January, the billionaire Tesla (. The funding never materialised. How did social media react to Elon Musk's tweet? Musk got into hot water for tweeting about Tesla in 2018.

When Tesla first announced its.5bn bitcoin investment, the company said it was part of its treasury strategy corporate speak for managing cash reserves. "When fiat currency has negative real interest, only a fool wouldn't look elsewhere Musk tweeted on February. But the hastiness of the U-turn has led to questions about what went on behind the scenes. Ethereum has gained 174.20 year-to-date, now trading at 2001.77.

Read more: How bad is Bitcoin for the elon Musk miedo y codicia bitcoin Twitter-Bitcoin environment? All this to say: please try to tweet responsibly and understand you are messing with peoples lives a user encouraged the CEO.

Elon Musk isn't one to shy away from speaking his mind on Twitter. The investment still likely registers a positive return due to appreciation in the intervening period but institutional elon Musk Twitter-Bitcoin investors could do without this kind of wild volatility.