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Result, verify Message, verify From, signed Message Bitcoin-QT, address. While a public RSA key is "just a number" there are a lot of reasons to encode the key in a standard way so that every computer everywhere knows how to understand it, what it is authorized to do, who it belongs to, etc. Source Text, convert To, hex Text BinDec Base58 B58Check Base64 Rfc1751 Poetry Rot13 Easy16.

Look below for explanation of different formats. What does that mean? Root Key, chain Code, paper Backup, primary Addresses. The certificate or key information is stored in the binary DER for ASN.1 and applications providing RSA, SSL and TLS should handle DER encoding to read in the information.

AlgorithmIdentifier : sequence algorithm object identifier, parameters ANY defined BY algorithm optional. Public Key, hASH160, chains, generation Method, armory Electrum. PEM files, because DER encoding results in a truly binary representation of the encoded data, a format has been devised for being able to send these in an encoding of printable characters so you can actually mail these things.

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Chain Code, paper Backup, primary Addresses, change Addresses. Within the base64 encoded data the following DER structure is present: rsapublicKey : sequence asn 1 key bitcoin modulus integer, - n publicExponent integer -.

What is this public key authorized to do (encrypt, sign, etc)? Address, address QR Code, aSN.1 Key, public Key.

But what IS the structure you should expect in each different file? In order to distinguish from the outside what kind of data is inside the DER encoded string, a header and footer are present around the data. To whom is the key linked?

Who has signed this key? Everybody would asn 1 key bitcoin if they would actually be documented.