Andreas antonopoulos beherrscht Bitcoin

Topics, my guest is, andreas. I will put that in the show notes that everybody can find at nk/92. Learn something new, study something you didn't do before. All of this goes to show people genuinely appreciate Andreas Antonopoulos. That makes it a lot harder for someone to track all of your spending.

Probably the two best in Bitcoin are a wallet called Samourai which is a mobile wallet and a wallet called Wasabi which is a desktop wallet. It has no barriers to entry. You never know what. So, that looks like a transaction created andreas antonopoulos beherrscht Bitcoin by the sum of all of the private keys and sign that way.

It seems that a new hype cycle around Bitcoin is in the making. So we have institutions, we have law enforcements, we have a justice system, all of which attempt to provide fairness.

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It always works for. Anita Posch 00:09:44 Sorry, what did you get? You either have a win-win where both parties win or you have a win-lose, which is the fault of the person who tried to cheat.

So they'd end up with a andreas antonopoulos beherrscht Bitcoin smaller portion. In the past, maybe we had a tribal leader or elder who decided. So it's a major privacy upgrade. Which is a lot of words to say, a wallet where you have the 12 to 24 words that are your seed and that wallet, you'll notice when you start using it, generate a new address every time you want to make a transaction.

I think these two talks of you are basically the foundational explanation of what andreas antonopoulos beherrscht Bitcoin Bitcoin and open blockchains are. Thank you, Andreas, this was the last interview of 2020 and tomorrow.

You can say, "If one of these keys or two of these keys or this key after three months or that key, signs." So you have four different conditions. If you see too much drama happening around the price, switch your focus. Now, that's not good for Bitcoin. Now in mathematics, we call that game theory.