Tether-Addon Warhammer

It allows you to inform your group what is the status of your morale. I got really interested about it now, and would like to read/learn about Warhammer more than just PvP-ing in RoR. Download more information, moraleCircle, addon that let you customize how your morale bar looks like. Return of Reckoning is a Warhammer Online private server. Addon that improve your chat windows also allows you to copy text from chat. I also love the tether functionality for obvious reasons.

He then released his source code and a small team worked tirelessly to create the Return of Reckoning: War EMU Private Server. Presented Addons, important / Crucial Addons, enemy. TL;DR: Cannot for the life of me get GES/Tether to announce that I'm guarding someone and show me the tether. Some people dedicated their time and resources to keep this fabulous game alive. From RoR Wiki, jump to: navigation, search, addon Repository, the main repository is hosted. But after a few months, he decided that he didn't have the drive or time to continue. Download more information, aggroMeter, a must-have addon for PvE groups but not only, also useful in RvR when it comes to tanking Keep Lords or Fort Lords.

I saw some posts recently about an updated tether addon, but every link I find is expired/down so feeling pretty SOL at the moment: Any help? Download more information DeathBlow2 A addon that displays and announces your kills/deaths as alerts and keeping track of your kill/death score Download more information CCtv Shows notification window when you get effected by CrowdControll Download more information WarBuilder The Warhammer. 15, zone Population, created Jun 12, 2014. The issue is that GES won't let me do both at the same time.

I've tried /tether clear but that doesn't seem to do anything either. Download more information nRarity This simple addon creates a small colored border around items in your inventory to indicate their rarity Download more information Shinies Very powerful auction house manager, not only provide better view of auctions. I asked on the official tether-Addon Warhammer forums a while ago but didn't get much luck. I dig it a lot.

Warhammer, lore question : ReturnofReckoning

As a completely new Warhammer player, while researching about this game/RoR server (mostly gameplay stuff not lore I noticed Warhammer lore to be, from bits I gathered, pure awesomeness of grim and doom. Most of the following addon links go to the site. If I set the channel to announce to as Say or any other channel, it makes the announcement but then the tether doesn't work (it just doesn't kick in, I don't see anything). Hi all, Semi-new player here playing a kotbs.

Or being able to see my tether but not being able to announce to group mates. Download more tether-Addon Warhammer information, thinkOutLoud, addon that allows you to assign text to the ability When you gonna use certain ability it will also pop text into chat channel, very helpful to inform your groups Download more information PlanB.

Download more information, tidyRoll, with that addon you can replace default window that popping every time you get a loot. RoR and lore related question: if I start PvPing from beginning and naturally level-up by playing PvP can I still come back and do all PvE stuff anytime I want or I'll "overlevel PvE content" and get locked out of it? Download more information, swiftAssist, addon that allows you for east and fast assisting, very easy to use and crucial for small scale fights.