Fixed Hitbtc exchange api keys impossible to add. Nonce error fix.07 Improved connection stability API engine rewrited Added balances triggers to rules Fixed RUR currency in BTC-e Fixed auto-scroll mode in last trades Fixed many minor bugs Now all binaries is digitally signed.06 Bugfix release Fixed critical bug. Soon we will present our new script language. The UI of Qt Trader is a flexible native application, based on our popular trading client Qt Bitcoin Trader. Fixed y(.) script command. I have read and agree to the terms of the.

In the first beta-test we will only have bitcoin and litecoin activated, in the second test there will be more pairs. Centrabit AG 2019 Stockerstrasse 57 Zürich CHE-114.254.375 /QtTraderSupport. You can change between color schemes and you grifo de dogecoin gratis can open several accounts at once. Next ToDo: Add realtime charts, make rules more advanced. Demos, forums, social, change Log.40.55 Released!

It is written in C and optimized for maximum TPS (transactions per second). Optimized memory usage, removed exchanges, m,.40.52 Released! Fixed oupStop(.) script command, synchronized currency pairs.40.54 Released! On the server side it is connected to our own exchange engine.

Cache:m/ bester CFD Trader hier!

Arbitrageurs can simplify their routines bu using a single interface to several exchanges. The order book on your screen is the actual one, not history from seconds ago. Now you can trade with LTC Added trade history display Multi-monitor support (Detachable windows) Improved connection stability Added German translation Fixed UI bugs, translation bugs and some minor bugs.01 Fixed traffic heavy load. Fixed crash on unix systems.40.53 Released!

And please write what O/S you want qt-Trader-Bitcoin to use and if you want a portable or conventional install. Official website, download binaries, compilation on Linux sudo apt-get install g libssl-dev libglu1-mesa-dev qt5-qmake qtscript5-dev qtmultimedia5-dev git git clone./QtBitcoinTrader/src, qT_select5 qmake QtBitcoinTrader_o make make install make clean. Servers are backed up continuously in different countries.

Qt Bitcoin Trader, this software helps you open and cancel orders very fast. We have decided to launch the exchange without script language until the new qt-Trader-Bitcoin one is ready. High CPU load fix.