Quppy Bitcoin-Wallet

The Quppy and all of the services within it are based on the decentralized Blockchain technology. Functionality to be integrated into the Quppy Wallet in the nearest future: epaid bank cards quiring bile phone top-up.Utility bills coverage, the Quppy digital wallet is a live innovative solution for all crypto and fiat currency owners from all over the world. Mobile phone top-ups in over 70 countries will be available within the Quppy app by the end of May 2020.

You can free download it through the Play Market on Android. Quppy is now launching a revolutionary financial and social solution not only for banking card consolidation. Over the next 5 years, the Quppy team plans to complete the full ecosystem development. Every client from all around the world can open several multicurrency iban accounts for free in euro and British pounds and use them for any kinds of transfers, payments and exchange operations within sepa region as far as with digital assets. The authentication will also significantly improve allowing the restoration of access with the help of a seed-phrase. This decentralized technology provides the security of clients funds and information at the highest level possible. Your feedback is very important for us!

Also, you can buy cryptocurrencies. However, please notice that Quppy is a decentralized wallet, this means that neither of your funds can get lost as we do not have access to your funds and private information. An unlimited number of digital wallets in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum can be also opened inside the Quppy app. This mobile crypto wallet is a live innovative solution for all crypto currency owners from all over the world. The, quppy team has developed an all-in-one financial and payment app to serve all the needs you might ever have.

Quppy Wallet aims quppy Bitcoin-Wallet to integrate standard banking operations with the cryptocurrency world. Dont use this scam wallet got my money when doing a exchange lost 25 dollars in bitcoin.

That is why, Quppy provides services for all types of clients existing on the market: individuals, legal entities and merchants. All of the operations with digital currencies are not charged with any fees. Following the classic security rules Quppy Wallet supports the creation of pin code and private keys. Following the classic security rules, Quppy Wallet supports the creation of pin code and private keys. Quppy Blockchain Wallet is a mobile smart wallet for all types of banking operations with crypto currencies (bitcoins, litecoins).

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Quppy Blockchain Wallet one wallet for all financial operations with crypto and fiat currencies. These services will be all readily available to Quppy users within the next two years. A customized payment card will be issued allowing customers to make transactions with the help of bitcoins as far as to transfer money at any decentralized exchange rate (USD, euro and many other). Those ibans can also be used for operations with PayPal including the funds withdrawal. Multicurrency: this crypto wallet will support more than 70 of existing crypto currencies (okcoin, xrp, ethereum, iota, stratis, token, btc, eth, ripple).

Advertisement, thus, you would want to keep all of your assets, cards an account within one service with no more need to jump between applications, interfaces, multiple logins, and even your local bank offices. All the outbound transactions in the euro and British pounds are free of charge. There are no internal fees or commissions. The Quppy fees and limits, inside the Quppy Wallet application that can be downloaded for free on AppStore and Google Play.

After a successful launch and development of a unique payment ecosystem gathering all types of banking operations with both bitcoin lang vs. kurz traditional and digital assets within one decentralized application. Quppy helps individual entrepreneurs, small, medium businesses to open a European bank account and manage all of their company financial activities through a special secure web interface.