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When the market gets spooked during a time of low liquidity, like it did in the middle of the night on Saturday night, that generally creates an oversold situation from which at least somewhat of a bounce. The sharp move lower in bitcoin over the weekend was a bit of a wakeup call to investors that might have been lulled into a bit of a sense of complacency due to the tighter ranges and lower volatility. Bitcoin fell back after nearing 50,000 yesterday, but quickly recovered to more than 48,800. On-chain metrics show that the sopr (spent output profit ratio) is below one for Bitcoin, which means that traders are mostly selling their coins at a loss, he stated. Key Technical Levels, in addition to this more news-based commentary, de Kempenaer, as well as other market observers, offered some technical analysis. At this point, the cryptocurrency was trading at its highest since May 21, additional CoinDesk figures reveal.

CrossTower, also weighed on bitcoins weekend drop, as well as its recovery. Token Metrics, also weighed. EST yesterday, according. Short-term momentum has deteriorated, but not to the degree with which we have a sell signal in the daily macd. The worlds most prominent digital currency reached as much as 41,046.77 around 10:30.m. Getty charles Forbes Bitcoin Images, bitcoin prices have been encountering some difficulty lately, falling more than 15 between yesterday and today amid a broader market sell-off. ETF approval that he considers certain in the long-term. It took.5B Bitcoin purchase by Tesla to eventually break through that level.

Advertisement, however, he noted that the charles Forbes Bitcoin real level to watch is the former breakout level at 20k, which should provide major support for BTC in case of a drop that far. Many long levered retail positions got flushed out and liquidated during the selloff, and overall leverage has come down, he stated. More FOR YOU, today, hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones talked up bitcoin when appearing on cnbcs Squawk Box, stating that: I like bitcoin as a portfolio diversifier.

Bitcoin prices bounced back this morning, experiencing some gains after their weekend sell-off. ETFs, which I see as a matter of time (on the back of the rest of the world, Canada and charles Forbes Bitcoin Europe) and a market that has provided a decent discount for the risks of further ETF approval delays. Regulators approving bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs). She added that Oversold conditions are in place from short- and intermediate-term perspectives, giving bitcoin a better chance to find its footing.

Bitcoin Price Volatility Reached Its Highest

The cryptocurrency experienced a notable drop over the weekend, losing roughly.6 of its value in short order. Bullish Outlook, while several analysts spoke to the fundamental factors that drove bitcoins recent gains and commented on the key technical levels the digital asset faces going forward, Mike McGlone, commodity strategist for Bloomberg Intelligence, offered a positive outlook for the cryptocurrency.

The support and bounce back is encouraging and indicates that the long underlying trend of increased confidence and increased institutional adoption has not disappeared. Julius de Kempenaer, senior technical analyst at charles Forbes Bitcoin m, offered similar input, emphasizing that There is some intermediate support just below 30k. Prior to this correction many of our onchain indicators were in the red, indicating that BTC was trading at a high premium relative to Fair Value. As a technical analyst, I do not view 40K as a meaningful level for Bitcoin, although it is always encouraging to break psychological levels at round numbers, he stated.

Delta Exchange, spoke to this situation. Given these selling patterns, the support level to watch is at 30,000. Fairlead Strategies, LLC, offered a more bullish take on the subject, stating that: advertisement, todays decline in bitcoin marks a retest of support in the 34K area it is not a decisive breakdown, but it would.