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During these months Volume had remained relatively stable with trade volume of doge to BTC between 4 Million 30 Million doge to USD transacted daily on Kraken. Current market state AS OF february 3RD, 2021. It has always been the magic number.

THE test pump, volume spiked from its already higher 250 Million-400 Million per day on average over the preceding week, to over.1 Billion doge traded on 1/1/21 with the price tripling from.005 to reaching a high of roughly.014. They hold too much. Doge has my attention. A pump in dump is when something that holds little to no value suddenly has a ton of artificial value for no other reason then hype. There's still a lot I don't understand and I realize I looked before bot Bitcoin kostenlos I leaped. Months before, Musk tweeted another image of dogecoin, sending the price. Others called on investors in India and Europe to help prop up the virtual currency during US overnight hours. That is the truth.

Nope, isn't this like stocks? I posted this yesterday and i was right this entire time, stop being dogecoin-Pumpe reddit stupid and continuing to invest money into this. Buying them back.025-0.03 is a deal!

That will not happen. Well my opinion is moving forward doge holds incredible dogecoin-Pumpe reddit value.

It is currently 15th in Marketcap. "It's up to us to decide what doge is worth said another user. It is more likely this was the Pump Team themselves generating the 14 fold increase in volume, as the price of doge was not affected. Users are urging others to buy in, declaring they could propel the cryptocurrency's value "to the moon.". But in short, the Whales used this time to slowly buy as much doge as possible in small amounts, not driving up prices, and keeping and volume low.

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These are the whales buying and selling to themselves, using Sell Walls and Buy Walls to push the price up and down, to shake out even more holders. They will throw up huge sell walls dogecoin-Pumpe reddit low priced, scaring out weak hands increasing their supply. This time period is explained in more detail below after the pump description.

Its about turning total investment into 10 or 20x more. The surge came after a popular Reddit forum not unlike the WallStreetBets group behind. Only gamble money you are comfortable losing though, dogecoin-Pumpe reddit don't put all your eggs in one basket.

However doge dogecoin-Pumpe reddit hitting 40, 60, or maybe even 80 billion just might berealistic. The virtual currency, which originally started as an internet parody based on a viral dog meme, has skyrocketed 373 in the last 24 hours, according. It is as simple as that.

SatoshiStreetBets Reddit group behind the pump of Dogecoin. Whale traders and Pump Groups use test pumps to find resistance levels in price, as well as shake out as many weak hands/coin holders as possible. The Tesla CEO has engaged in similar banter before. This kind of volume increase can only be explained by the Pump Group creating large volume trades amongst themselves at low prices simply to draw attention. Hello Dogecoin Enthusiasts, Alright let's get some things straightened up in this thread, if you wish to listen and have an open discussion you are more then welcome, if you have a solid argument besides "stocks only GO UP/hold/TO.