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An early occurrence of the modern surname is: Richard Randall, in 1547 (in Huntingdonshire, England). 564 a b Randy Bryant's Home, Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science ( retrieved 30 November 2010 a b c d Randal Edwards, Internet Movie Database (m retrieved 30 November 2010 a b c d Falconer, Phoebe "Eyesight expert and. An early occurrence of the mediaeval personal names Randolf, Randulf is: Randulfus, in about 1095 (in the Assize Rolls of Yorkshire, England another is: Nicolaus filius Randulphi, in the years spanning 117586 (in Norfolk, England). You can help by adding missing items with reliable sources.

7 8 Other cognates include: the Old Low German Randwulf, Randulf ; and the Old Norse Röndúlfr. Kennedy, computer specialist Randall Kleck, American, martial artist Randall Kroszner, (born 1962 member of the Federal Reserve Randall Luthi, (born 1955 American, attorney Randall Maggs, Canadian, poet Randall Mann, American, poet Randall McDaniel, (born 1964 American, professional American football player Randall. 17 Although chiefs of the name are no longer recognised in the Republic of Ireland, one MacDonnell who bore the given name Randal was so recognised in the mid-1990s; 18 the present Earl of Antrim, although not a male-line. Gibson, Randall Giles, (19502010 American, music composer Randall Godfrey, (born 1973 American, American football player Randall Goff, Randall Goforth (born 1994 American football player Randall Gregory Holcombe, American, academic Randall. Similar surnames: Rundell, Sandall, Landoll, Rendall, Randell, Sandell, Randel, Tindall 2 million record(s) for, randall, search for a relative to learn more about your family history.

US Census data, in 1990 both names were among the top 500 most popular masculine names in the country. References edit Randall, m, retrieved 1 November 2010 which cited: m Unabridged, Random House a b c d e Hanks, Patrick ; Hardcastle, Kate; Hodges, Flavia (2006 A Dictionary of First Names, Oxford Paperback Reference (2nd ed. Org retrieved 1 December 2010). 119120 a b The Chiefs of Clan Donald ( txt The High Council of Clan Donald retrieved 12 November 2010 Clan Chiefs, The Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs (anchiefs. Fort, (born 1956 American, member of the Intelligence and Research in the United States Department Randall Frakes, author Randall Franks, American actor, singer and musician Randall Garrett, (19271987 American, author Randall Garrison, Canadian politician Randall Gay, (born 1982 American, American football. retrieved 30 November 2010 a b c Randal Pinkett, Internet Movie Database (m retrieved 30 November 2010 Trump chooses Randal as 4th 'Apprentice', m (m 16 December 2005, retrieved 8 December 2009 a b c The House of Commons Constituencies Beginning. Randal, Randel, Randell, Randle, and, rendell. Strossen, (born 1951 strength training writer Randall Stout, American, architect Randall Svane, (born 1955 American, composer Randall Swingler, (19091967 English, poet, also awarded the Military Medal in the Second World War Randall. The name was at its most popular point in 1955, when it was ranked the 53rd most popular masculine baby name.

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Top Male Occupations in 1940, laborer. The pet form is, randy. 50 William Randal McDonnell, Sixth Earl of Antrim (1785 creation in the Peerage of Ireland. This Old German name is composed of elements meaning " raven " and "wolf and was introduced into England around the same time as Randulf.

Org retrieved der Rand innellea 13 November 2010 The Count Randal MacDonnell of the Glens, Debrett's (m retrieved 13 November 2010 Cork Historical and Archaeological Society (1919 Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society,. . 20 Randall currently is, and historically has been more popular in the United States than the various other forms of the name. 40 a b c d e Popularity of a Name, Social Security Online, retrieved 1 November 2010 Genealogy Data: Frequently Occurring Surnames from Census 1990 Names Files, United States Census Bureau, archived from the original on 31 December 2009, retrieved ocumentation. 20 The years and rank when Randel, Randell, and Randle appeared amongst the top 1,000 names for Social Security card applications concerning male births in the United States.

41; see also:? Duibh?n, Ciar?n Ainmneacha pearsanta in der Rand innellea Ultaibh, Sabhal Mr Ostaig retrieved 8 November 2010 Rannulbh, Library Ireland (m retrieved which is a transcription of: Woulfe, Patrick (1923 Irish Names and Surnames a b Raghnall, Library Ireland. Randal edit Alexander Randal Mark McDonnell, 30 Ninth Earl of Antrim (1785 creation in the Peerage of Ireland.